JQ Team Store - Why?

JQ Team Store - Why?

There are two main reasons for us creating this store

1. We want to create a professional RC Racing Team, and as such we need a way to unify the team, promote products, and make it financially attractive for companies to support us, and financially possible for us to in turn run the team. A team store is the solution.

2. We realised that one of the biggest complaints that JQ racers had, was the lack of availability. We wanted to take care of this problem, by making sure that anyone, anywhere, can get a hold of all JQ parts quickly and easily.

This all seems pretty straight forward. So what is the problem? The main problem is the expected reactions of distributors and dealers. JQ is selling direct, why should we bother? In my opinion this is like saying: “Mugen already make and sell a car, why should I bother?” The idea of this team store is not to take a piece of an existing pie, but to grow it by a lot! JQRacing is not a leading brand anywhere except arguably Finland and Greece, for obvious reasons (that is where we are from), so there is a lot of room to grow. We will be promoting, spreading knowledge and information about new parts, and promoting and pushing local sales channels around the world. Jqracing.com will be the central location for all this activity. This will be good for everyone, existing JQ Distributors, current and future dealers, and of course racers!

Jqproducts.com will still exist, and it will redirect to a jqracing website dedicated to information about setups, stories, image and video galleries, just like now. Our goal is to share with you everything that we learn, and make sure that you can enjoy your JQ Cars to the fullest.

Here is the break down of how the new store will work, there are three versions:

usa.jqracing.com: This is the US version, with JQ, and a growing number of our partner’s products that we use, being sold there, all shipped from Los Angeles CA.
eu.jqracing.com: This is the EU version, with JQ, and all our partner’s products that we use, being sold here, all shipped from Helsinki Finland.
international.jqracing.com: This is the version for all other countries, with only JQRacing products being sold here for now. These will all be shipped from China.

That’s it for now!

More News:

  • 27. August 2015

    JQRacing Visits REDS in Italy

    Earlier this summer I spent some time in Italy, and amongst other things I paid a visit to REDS Racing HQ in Brescia, in the northern part of the country. REDS is a rather young company, but the people behind it have been around RC racing for a long time.

  • 16. July 2015

    Max Mört wins Junior European Championship!

    Max Mört, member of the Alphaform REDS JQRacing team has won the Junior European Championships in Italy! We would like to congratulate Max and his father for this epic result, first of many, we are sure about that. Max has improved a lot over the past year and this win proves that. Well done, and keep on practicing! Below you can read a report from Max.

  • 29. June 2015

    JQRacing - THEDriver Funding

    There is something that bothers me in this ranking, does it bother you? It stings my eyes .... This ranking shows the 25 best drivers in the world, but only car brands that can afford these drivers, and those brands are always the same. If it is only a question of money now, why don't we, the JQ customers, team drivers, and supporters, help to pay a driver for this list?

  • 17. June 2015

    Sidewinder to power up Alphaform/REDS/ JQRacing Team!

    Sidewinder joins our list of Team Sponsors!