Miguel Haasbroek

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  • Career 2010->
  • Age 18
  • Hometown Pretoria, South Africa
  • Mechanic Father, Pierre
  • Nickname Migz
  • Hobbies RC Racing
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Miguel Haasbroek is the latest reqruit to the JQRacing Alphaform Reds Team. This 18 year old South African is a calm and collected talent on the track, with a bright future if he puts in the work. Miguel finished in 2nd place in his first ever SA National, and is already a two time SA Champion!

Miguel has begun looking for new challenges in order to elevate his game, and attended his first International event, Neo13 where he made the 1/4 final. 2014 he attended Neo14, and will attend the World Championships in Italy.


Miguel wants to become the best he possibly can in RC, and use this opportunity to travel the world and meet new people and make new friends. It's not only the racing that drives people in this sport, it is the lifestyle too.

We wish Miguel all the best for the coming years.

Career Hightlights

2011 - South African Champion

2013 - South African Champion

2013 - Neo13 1/4 Final


JQRacing, Alphaform, Reds, AKA, Savöx, LRP, GHEA, MIP