Josh Hansen

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  • Career 2001->
  • Age 30
  • Hometown Murrieta CA, USA
  • Mechanic n/a
  • Nickname Hanny
  • Hobbies RC cars, riding dirbikes all day long
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Josh Hansen has had an interesting career in AMA Supercross, full of ups and downs. He has been described, even by some of the sports best riders as one of, if not the most naturally talented rider in Supercross. Josh has been close to winning championships, even though he has not always been able to remain focused on the task at hand. Enjoying the SoCal lifestyle and winning championships as a professional Supercross rider is hard to do these days, but even so, Josh almost pulled it off. Josh did not race Supercross in 2014, and instead filmed videos, and competed in freestyle events such as XGames. Rumour has it, that Josh is going to make a comeback to Supercross in 2015. We sure hope so!

We first met Josh through a mutual friend. JQ was staying at a friends house, and Josh stopped by and saw the RC Cars. A few days later he was at the track with us trying it out for himself. He raced THEeCar at some club races, and enjoyed the new challenge.


Josh has been on a dirtbike almost all his life, and rides as often as he can. He is not a fullblown racer type, and as well as racing, enjoys riding in the hills of Southern California. Hanging out with friends, and having fun on the dirtbike, that's what it's all about.

On a side note, we would like to share a personal story about Josh. If you look online, there is a lot of negative things being said about Hansen, by followers of the sport. When we first met Josh we did not know if it was all hot air, or if there was some truth to it. However, it became obvious that reality is much different. Josh is a super nice guy, in contrast to his possible public image. After spending 3 months in America, and only a fraction of that time with "Hanny", and his friend BD, when it was time to go home, only two people came to say goodbye. Josh and BD drove down to Costa Mesa to wish JQ a good trip home. That says something.

Career Hightlight

2004 - Won Indianapolis Supercross

2005 - Tied for East Coast Lites Championship, lost tie-breaker. 2nd

2008 - Gold medal for Supercross at X Games 14

2009 - Gold medal for Supercross at X Games 15

2010 - Won Super X, The Australian Supercross Championship

2013 - Gold medal for Best Whip at X Games 19


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