Zach Osborne

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  • Career 1995->
  • Age 24
  • Hometown Abingdon VA, USA
  • Mechanic n/a
  • Nickname n/a
  • Hobbies RC Cars, Motocross, cycling, watersports, snowboarding, fishing, spending time with my wife and my family, long road trips, riding mini bikes, building tracks...
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Zach Osborne is a professional Motocross/Supercross rider in the American AMA series. He currently races for the Geico Honda team in the 250 class. Unfortunately Zach's 2014 season was plagued with injuries, in both Supercross and Motocross. Unusually, Zach has also contended the Motocross GP Series in Europe, but is now back in the US fulltime.

Zach got in touch with us through instagram, where he commented on some of our car pictures. Soon after he was running our THEeCar in his limited free time.


As he states himself: "I eat, breathe, and sleep motocross and I have since I was 6 years old." His goal is to become a champion, and he is working hard to do so. We wish him all the best for the future, and a healthy complete 2015 season.

Career Hightlight

2003 - 3rd, Motocross Junior World Championship

2004 - Loretta Lynn 85cc, 1st

2009 - MX2 GP Turkey, 1st

2013 - 5th Overall AMA 250 Motocross Nationals


JQRacing, Team GEICO Honda, Alias, Factory Connection, 100% Goggles, 6D, EVS, Spidertech Taping