Max Mört

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  • Career 2009->
  • Age 15
  • Hometown Veikkola, Finland
  • Mechanic Father, Henry
  • Nickname n/a
  • Hobbies RC Racing, Paintball
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Max Mört is a local racer to us here at JQRacing. His whole family is heavily involved in RC Racing, and even went as far as purchasing an RV, now "RC Motorhome", so they can spend more time at the track! We love this kind of dedication, and are happy to support Max and his family with their racing.

Max is doing well in school, with a borderline ridiculous lineup of top marks. JQ also really needs to watch what he says around Max because his memory never fails, and he will surely remind JQ of what he said 15 months ago and how he is now proven wrong.


Racing racing racing, it runs in the family it seems. All about racing.

Max is a dedicated young driver and hates losing with a passion. He will practice and practice until his family threaten to leave him at the track alone if he doesn't stop and go home. Time for bed Max haha.

Career Hightlight

2013 - 9th Finnish Championship Series

2013 - 15th Nordic Champinoships

2015 - The Ecar Nordic Champion

2015 - 3th Nordic Championships


JQRacing, Alphaform, LRP, GHEA, MIP, Sidewinder, Reds, AKA, Progames