Jörg Tiit

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  • Career 2009->
  • Age 16
  • Hometown Tallinn, Estonia
  • Mechanic Jaanus Tiit, dad
  • Nickname THE Crazy Estonian
  • Hobbies Music
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Jörg got his first Rc Car as a Christmas present when he was 10. He started racing the local club races, and 2 years later he became the youngest ever Baltic Champion in 1:10 electric touring. From that point on, he set himself a goal – to reach the top. Because there aren’t good enough tracks to practice on in Estonia, Jörg has started practicing and racing in Finland.


Jörg is passionate about racing and has a great will to win. As he wants to become the best, he is traveling to Finland almost every weekend to do testing and practice, as well as traveling around Europe during the summer. He is working hard along with his dad in order to make his dream come true.

Career Hightlight

2 time European Championship A-Finalist in 1:12 stock pancar – 2012, 2013

3 time European Junior Champion in 1:12 pancar – 2012 x2, 2013


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