Chris Marrale

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  • Career 2010-present
  • Age 18
  • Hometown La Quinta, California
  • Mechanic Himself
  • Nickname THEChris
  • Hobbies Motocross and Engineering clubs at school
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Chris Marrale has been with JQRacing since racing the prototype cars when Joseph went to America in 2010. Around this time, he started a racetrack, Palm Desert R/C Raceway, which has hosted several several popular series races and many professional drivers. Being at the track so often and at the center of the RC Mecca, he quickly progressed in his racing career. Chris now studies Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


Car development and racing. Chris doesn't have as much natural driving talent as most drivers his level, so in order to do well, the car must be be perfect. This proved to be a difficult challenge, which has taken 3 years of endless testing in order to get the car completely comfortable for him.

Career Hightlight


    Grass Roots Racing Series 2nd place Expert Buggy, 2nd place E-Buggy.
      JBRL 4th place E-Buggy.



          Grass Roots Racing Series 3rd place Expert Buggy, E-Buggy Champion.
            Nitro Challenge Pro C-Main in 2 classes.
              The Dual 2nd place E-Buggy.
                Battle of the SiKest E-Buggy Champion.


                JQRacing, Pro-Line, TKO, LRP, GHEA, MIP, Savox, Buku, Werks Fuel, Uncle Dons Hobbies