James Reilly

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  • Career 2000->

  • Age 39

  • Hometown Redford, MI, Finland

  • Nickname Rocket reilly

  • Hobbies RC Racing, cars, painting

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I raced a little when I was a kid but nothing serious. My RC career really started in 2000 with onroad which continued
up to 2010-2011 time frame. Being an engineer I applied science to chassis and motors which earned my nick name as
I usually had a car that was silly fast down the straight away, even when my driving was keeping up. LOL. I switched full time
to offroad when all the onroad tracks closed up locally. I’ve tried just about every major brand out there and after following
JQ’s story for a while when I decieded to try my first JQ and haven’t looked back.


I love to race! I really enjoy working on and improving my cars. I also like one of the side effects of the racing that most
don’t realize, the friendships that are formed. We from all corners of the earth, different back grounds and we can put
those differences aside to race.

Career Hightlight

The Halloween Classic – 1/8 Electric Buggy Champion

The Track Series – 1/8 Electric Buggy Champion


JQ Racing, REDS Racing USA, RaceForm, Discount RC Store, ReillyPaint