Manuel Arndt

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  • Career 2006->
  • Age 35
  • Hometown NRW, Germany
  • Nickname Ace
  • Hobbies RC Racing, Basketball
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First Offroad Races in 2006 with MT's and Truggies, Buggy since 2009. JQ's THECar since the very first release late 2010. Founder of the RC-Club "NitroManiacs" in 2006, out of a small group of enthusiasts we have about 80 members and our own racetrack since 2009.


Caused by the lack of talent, a damn good car is essential for me. As I'm no world class driver, but messing around on national level, I have fun to help improving THECar, proving it by myself to be good - and finally improving myself to prepare for the pensioner nationals and euros ;-)

Career Hightlight

2006: Second place overall (MT Class) right behind D. Reckward.

2011: Third place overall (NRW) in my first THECar season.

since 2012: Attempting different nationals with THECar and THEeCar

Today: On state level somewhere in Top20 - some days winning, some days RC-Armageddon (or just should have stayed in bed).


JQRacing, Savöx, RMV, Tourex, GensACE